Rashian Empire

The Rashian Empire is a large, relatively prosperous kingdom found in the south oceanic region. It has its capital at Bashashar and is a center of trade for the region.

The Rashian Empire was founded around 800 years ago by Bashir al-Rashia, known as Bashir the Great. The Empire has its capital at Bashashar and encompasses the entire Danian continent. Around 1000 years ago, settlers came to this continent from Hasia seeking refuge from discrimination. 200 years later, the Rashian Empire was officially created when Bashir the Great was elected as Chief Consul for life, and established his office as hereditary. The Empire, although a departure from earlier republican traditions in the area, has continued the principles of justice and equality that the original settlers came to the continent to seek. It is considered that every ruler of the Empire since its creation has been at least competent, and many have been exceptional, bringing prosperity to the nation.

The Empire has had occasional conflict with other powers in the region such as the Baldic Khanate and the Silver Republic. Although generally expensive, the Empire has usually gotten the better of its enemies and remains the greatest power in the region.

The Rashian Empire makes most of its income from trade due to its central location in the region, but also has natural resources to draw from. Mobarrak in the south has a lucrative gold and silver mine, and Jawhara has large fields of corn and barley.

Rashian Empire

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