Nuur Militia

The Nuur militia is a semi-official military organization which is based in the central desert town of Nuur. Its primary purpose is to guard the roads between Bashashar and Jawhara against bandits and wild animals.

The Militia was founded 75 years ago in the 30th year of the reign of Emir Haytham il-Rashia, known as Haytham the Mighty, of the Rashian Empire. The Emir saw that there was a need for a defense against the dangers of the desert, and with most of the regular military tied up with an expedition against the Baldic Khanate, Emir Haytham created a charter for a semi-military organization to act as escorts, scouts, and guards for the desert roads. A few people volunteered at the Militias creation, and their numbers quickly swelled as time went on, and now the guard numbers around 70 members. Since its creation, the Militia has reported significantly clearer roads.

Most members have families in the town and favor this assignment over joining the regular Royal Army as they can remain close to home this way. Alyssa, Aria Wickers, Garim Holstaad, and Tarius Shurman are all members of the Nuur Militia.

There are three ranks within the Militia: Commander, Sargent, and Guardsman. There is one commander who acts as the highest authority of the Militia and has a small headquarters in Nuur. He is responsible for assigning squads and generally making decisions for the Militia. The sergeants are responsible for leading squads which are typically composed of either 4 or 6 Militia members. Typically there are also 2 sergeants who work at the Militia headquarters to organize the patrols and assist the commander and 15 sergeants leading squads. The rest of the Militia is made up of guardsmen.

Nuur Militia

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