Mobarrak is a city in the southern part of the Rashian Empire and is the industrial center of the Empire. According to the most recent census done by the Royal Survey Cabinet in the 23rd year of the reign of Amir Suahd in-Rashia, Mobarrak has a population of 7,000.

Mobarrak was built 600 years ago. Following the creation of the Rashian Empire which was primarily settled in the western part of the Danian continent, explorers began moving east, and one of the first major discoveries they made was the area that came to be called Mobarrak. The explorers found a range of hills which they found to be full of iron and copper as well as precious metals like gold and silver. With this knowledge, settlement began not long after, and before long Mobarrak became the center of industry in the Empire.

Mobarrak is of such strategic importance to the Rashian Empire, that a large garrison of the Royal Army is stationed in the city. Besides that, there is an office of the Royal Survey Cabinet which is responsible for the distribution of industrial goods and collection of revenue from the city.

The forges of Mobarrak are numerous and most citizens of the city work either in the mines or in the forges. Many important tools and weapons are created in the city.


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