Jawara is the second largest city of the Rashian Empire and the largest port in that nation. The city is a hub of trade and also the bread basket of the Empire. According to the most recent census done by the Royal Survey Cabinet in the 23rd year of the reign of Amir Suahd in-Rashia, Jawhara had a population of 9,180.

Jawhara was built around 900 years ago when the first human and elf settlers traveled to the continent from Hasia. Coming down from the first settlement, Bashashar, explorers found a low valley with richer soil which was seen as a potential area of farming. Coupled with its location hear the coast, the Jawahra valley settlement quickly grew in size and prosperity and remains one of the Rashian Empire’s most important cities.

The importance of Jawhara meant that it became a center of government control. The Royal Survey Cabinet has a large office in the city and the Royal Revenue service has a permanent dock in the port. A short way outside the city, there is also a Royal Army garrison in a small fort. Jawhara is also the largest producer of corn and barley in the empire.

At the center of Jawhara is a huge warehouse made of stone which rises above the city. Within it is the granary for the entire western part of the Empire as well as many smaller sections for other trade goods both coming and going from the empire.


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