Heroes of Dania

A New Adventure

While out on a routine mission, the party defeated a group of bandits in their newly created layer, and saved a merchant caravan from another. However, it was only moments after parting with these thankful merchants that the storm appeared that would change the lives of the party forever. Within a narrow cave, the group found the Vault of Eons, a place of ancient magic containing items of great power. Having retrieved the items, the party met Hermes, the Vault’s messenger, who described the new world they would find themselves in above: the apocalypse. With the advice that they make allies and find another Vault which had been placed on their continent by the Creator, Hermes promised to meet them there if they should make it. Going back out into the world, the party found new mounts awaiting them, and a world torn apart by magic and cataclysm.


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