Tarius Shurman

The Barbarian Seargent



Tarius, son of Turian. Tarius was born to a warrior of one of the old nomadic tribes of Dania. As the eldest son, Tarius was expected to train to become a warrior to replace his father, as is the tradition of the tribe. Each warrior was trained in hand to hand combat, but the primary form of fighting was on horseback; learning to use a bow, sword, and lance from horseback was crucial. After 13 years of training, Tarius was officially named a warrior of his tribe, and upon doing so, the elders held a ceremony. The ceremony was in part a celebration of Tarius becoming a man and warrior, and a ceremony honoring the sacred guardians that protect and bring fortune to the tribe.
The guardians took the form of 5 animals: the wolf, the bear, the eagle, the elk, and the tiger. Each guardian was carved into a totem from various materials: bone, metal, glass, wood, and aventurine respectively.

Tarius Shurman

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