Alyssa Grant

The Fighting Medic



Updated 12/16/2015 – Character sheet *

Alignment: Lawful good (hopefully sticks)
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 5’’
Eye color: Green
Hair color: very light orange color, medium length (right below shoulders)


Growing up Alyssa and her brother had a hard childhood. Their father was a simple farmer who barely made enough money to put food on the table. Their mother was non existent, one night she suddenly disappeared without a trace. Her brother Tommy had many problems with his health which posed to be a problem for the very poor family. Alyssa loved her brother and would do almost anything for him. So when she proclaimed her want to go and study medicine at the capital it wasn’t much of surprise. So at the tender age of 14, with what meager savings her family could muster she set out on a long journey to the capital. With her determination she managed to get into the college. There she didn’t make any friends, actually she just straight out avoided everyone and when she was forced to talk to someone it wasn’t a pretty sight. Through trial and error and lots of determination she managed to pull through and managed to graduate. Many years later now 18 years old, Alyssa returned to her home town and got a job with the local guard as a field medic. Now 23 years old and sending all of her money back to her family, begins the story of the fighting medic and her poorly armed squad.

Alyssa Grant

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